I got fucked!

I got fucked! It’s been like two months since I’ve had a cock in me but I finally got one last night and it was incredible. The guy had asked me out a few weeks ago and he was hot so I said yes without even thinking about it. I love hot guys! He said that instead of going out and exhausting me he was going to come to my place and make dinner. He brought all the groceries and it was an amazing meal. The sex was what I’ll remember though. I was a total pregnant slut for this guy. He fucked me in almost every day – some positions just don’t work for a pregnant girl – and I even let him have my asshole. I’ve done anal before and I was so turned on that I did it again! :) It was awesome and I had five orgasms. That’s a good night for me! I love that he was totally turned on by me being pregnant and I know we’ll be doing it again soon.

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